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IC Bus launches the next generation CE Series

  IC Bus today announced the launch of its next generation CE Series school bus, a newly redesigned and updated version of its flagship CE Series originally launched 20 years ago. The all-new CE Series provides customers with efficient operations and enhanced driver comforts, improved total cost of ownership (TCO), and increased safety features. The […]

IC Bus introduces the next generation of student transportation to support sustainability goals

  Today IC Bus introduced the next generation of school bus transportation. Designed around three guiding principles – fostering a healthy future, leading in safety and technology, and offering best-in-class solutions – the leader in the school bus market is taking a new approach to its commitment to sustainable student transportation. “Over the last few […]

Durham School Services’ bus donation to fill transportation gap for Junior Recruits Youth Program

  Durham School Services, a leader in student transportation, has donated a mini school bus to the Little Egg Harbor (LEH) Police Junior Recruits to use for their youth program events. The program was created for community youth interested in becoming involved in the military or law enforcement. The children in the program are highly […]

Michigan school district runs 100% routes on propane buses

Kingston Community School District moves to an all-propane bus fleet when school starts this fall. The district has leased six new Blue Bird propane buses, and locked in a two-year cost for propane at $1.50 per gallon, which is a 62% savings over its diesel price. Shona Vennevy, district superintendent of Kingston Community School District, […]

Durham School Services and Northwest R-1 School District in Missouri extend trusted partnership

  Durham School Services, a leader in student transportation, and its partner Northwest R-1 School District, are delighted to continue their partnership for the next three years starting this July. Durham will run a total of 71 routes for Northwest R-1 School District with its fleet of 84 buses. Durham has served the students of […]

Alternative student transportation companies team up to streamline touting and logistics for districts

EverDriven Technologies, the leader in technology-enabled alternative student transportation for school districts nationwide, announced a new alliance with School Bus Logistics (SBL) to provide a comprehensive suite of logistics and routing services to schools and districts. Together, SBL & EverDriven will analyze and optimize routes for busing and small capacity vehicles, which will enable all drivers and […]

How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance School Bus Safety

Are school transportation professionals uninformed about Artificial Intelligence? There is much debate about Artificial Intelligence (AI).  On one side of the debate, you hear about existential risk, and on the other side, you hear about the endless possibilities—for example, those advocating unrestricted AI talk about how AI can enhance our economies. Conversely, some fear AI […]

Managing Up…

In most leadership or management classes, a great deal of emphasis is placed on managing people. The people in question are almost always your direct reports or those you directly supervise. However, very little attention is paid to how you collaborate with your peers, and even less emphasis is put on how to “manage up.” […]

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Aaron Tronstad, Waynesville R-VI School District

School BUSRide spoke with Aaron Tronstad, director of transportation for the Waynesville R-VI School District in Missouri. Tronstad talked about the challenges unique to his district, and his advice for NAPT members dealing with similar issues. Please introduce yourself and tell us about your district. My name is Aaron Tronstad. I have worked for the […]

And Then There Was Us

Throughout our history, when we’ve seen a freight or an Amtrak passenger train making its way along the rails in our communities, we don’t stop and wonder if it’s going to crash or derail.  We trust it’s operating safely, and we can ride on it or be near it without worry. Similarly, when we board […]