Molly McGee-Hewitt, Ph.D., CAE, Author at School BUSRide

Happy Love the Bus Month!

February, oh February! It’s like the month was made for spreading love – be it through our Bus Love Campaign or the romantic vibes of Valentine’s Day. This month totally owns my heart! The idea that we spend an entire month celebrating our bus drivers, routers, trainers, mechanics, support staff, and directors is amazing. Thank […]

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2024!

This year has started with a roar! I don’t think there is anywhere in the USA that has not been impacted by some type of weather issues. As I write this, we are setting freezing temperatures, and I am looking out at snow covered grounds. My thoughts go out to all our members who are […]

From the NAPT Executive Director & CEO: December

Following many of our members on social media is a joy for me! I truly love seeing how you, your colleagues, and your drivers celebrate the holidays! The creativity and fun are contagious, and I know that your passengers must love the season as well because of the joy you bring to your work! Thank […]

Leading from the Center: An Evolutionary Approach to leadership!

In the course of your careers as leaders in the pupil transportation industry, chances are you’ve experienced several approaches to management and leadership. Most of us have real-life examples of powerful and positive leaders, as well as heartbreaking examples of leadership failures and poor leaders. In most cases, the positive examples give us a blueprint […]

The Power of Association

Later this month, we’ll welcome our members and business partners to the return of the NAPT Annual Conference & Trade Show. This awesome event will be our first time together since 2019, and I cannot tell you how excited I am! The movers and shakers, the leaders and aspiring leaders, key business leaders, and industry […]

Dealing with Difficult People…

Last week during a call with member leaders, I heard frustration in their voices. As school started across the country, it appears we’ve come into a season of difficult people. Instead of fresh notebooks, sharpened pencils, fall colors, pumpkin spice, and homecoming games taking our attention, dealing with upset people has become a part of […]

On your mark, get set, GO!

As a school person, one of my favorite times of the year is the start of a new school year! In my days as an aide, teacher and an administrator, I looked forward fondly to the return of our students and the new year. After all, a fresh start, new challenges and new opportunities were […]

In the Heat of the Summer…

I remember when school people often took the month of July off. Today, as our schools have evolved and changed calendars and schedules, year-round school and August starts are not unusual. Our school calendars are now 24/7 and our vacation times are scarce! As we enter this month, I’m reminded of the heat it brings. […]

It’s that time of the year again …

When I worked in school districts, the period between spring break and the end of the school year was my least favorite time. It always seemed as if people, from parents to our professional colleagues and staff, took on new attitudes. Unfortunately, they were not good attitudes! I began to describe this behavior as a […]

The Management Tightrope…

As a transportation director or executive, you’re used to multitasking and likely have a daily calendar packed with multiple projects. You may even feel like you’re walking a tightrope. But this is an unusual tightrope. It involves the routine business of your job, “plus” – the power is in the plus.  The pluses are the […]