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Quickstart Guide to Electric School Bus Electrification

School transportation plays a pivotal role in providing reliable mobility to communities and reducing traffic congestion and pollution. The advancement of Electric Vehicle (EV) technology has now made it possible for even school buses to run their routes without gasoline, aligning with the goal of sustainable public transportation. Transitioning to electric school buses offers a […]

Danville Community School Corporation Upgrades Technology, Transforms Maintenance Processes with Servicefinder Installation

Located in a small rural area with a population of 2,700 students, Danville Community School Corporation in Danville, Indiana, is responsible for transporting well over half of the student body to and from campus every day. With 35 buses and 18 routes covering 86 square miles, the district’s transportation department needed reliable routing and management […]

Watchung Hills RHS Keeps Students Safe and On-Track with Transfinder

As the transportation coordinator for Watchung Hills Regional High School District in Warren, New Jersey, Janice Ortiz wears many hats. Organizing routes, supervising drivers, coordinating trips and special ed transportation services, and processing aid for high school and K through 8 non-public student transportation, all over three separate towns. For Ortiz, having effective and efficient […]

The Electric Bus Journey: Grant Funding and Beyond

By IC Bus WHERE ARE YOU ON THE FLEET ELECTRIFICATION ON-RAMP? Has your organization already developed a comprehensive strategy to convert a portion or all of its fleet to electric school buses (ESBs)? Or, conversely, have you already received one or more grants yet still have significant research, planning and consensus building to accomplish a […]

Liberty Public Schools Earns Fleet Excellence Award with Propane School Buses

Liberty Public Schools is a 17-campus school district that sits just outside Kansas City, Missouri, and encompasses 85 square miles. The district runs 143 bus routes for 4,200 students daily, requiring the use of 88 school buses. In 2019, several of those buses were diesel models that were aging out of their lifecycle. In 2020, […]

The Connected School Bus — Where Video Becomes Safety

Around 25 million students in the US hop on a school bus each weekday. Thanks to its design and the regulations around it, this vehicle is one of the safest on the road. It provides 70 times more safe arrivals at school, compared to a personal car¹. Even so, injuries occur on a daily basis […]

Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

Three Technologies Making School Buses Safer The yellow school bus is one of the more technologically advanced and safest vehicles on the road. Still, in a report on parents’ sentiment around school transportation, 75 perent of parents want a better way of tracking their students during the ride. There is a heightened national focus on […]

Successful Electric School Bus Fleet Adoption Starts with the Right Partner

The right partner can help set school districts up for long-term success with electrification. That starts with charging. The introduction of electric school buses (ESBs) into a school district’s fleet can seem like a daunting prospect. After all, fleet electrification represents a fundamentally new approach to vehicle procurement and management. Fortunately, when it comes to […]

FirstNet Provides a Highly Secure Network to Protect Against Cyber Attacks

The COVID-19 shutdowns that lead to at-home learning, also brought on evolutions in the nature of cybercrimes against school districts. A cyberattack can force the shutdown of critical technology systems that are necessary for the safety of students, teachers, and administrators. Most importantly, it can result in the locking down of critical systems – such […]

LiDAS Ensures No Child is Left Behind

After a long day (and despite the school bus industry’s exceptional safety record), children are sometimes left behind on the school bus. Best practices, surveillance systems, and training help a lot — but is there more you can do to ensure every kid is off the bus each night? No school bus driver intends to […]