Abi Studer, Author at School BUSRide

Empowering Children with Special Needs

We live in a dynamic and diverse society, and thankfully we have acknowledged the importance of recognizing and addressing the unique needs of every child, especially those with special needs. As members of the education community, it is both our responsibility and privilege to provide quality services to children with special needs, ultimately laying the […]

Alternative student transportation: Is it right for your district?

As school districts nationwide grapple with the challenge of providing safe and reliable transportation for all of their students, many are exploring alternative strategies to optimize their resources. While the iconic yellow school bus remains the primary and traditional mode of transportation for most students, small-capacity vehicles offer a more flexible and cost-effective solution. These […]

Prioritizing Student Safety: Advancements in Alternative Student Transportation

Alternative student transportation providers help school districts ensure that every child gets access to the education they deserve. By using smaller-capacity vehicles, these transportation providers can accommodate the dynamic needs of students and serve children and youth on small routes, in hard-to-reach or remote areas, and those traveling between districts (just to name a few).  […]

Alternative Student Transportation Myths Reviewed – Now What?

Over the past few months, we’ve explored three common myths surrounding alternative forms of student transportation. To close the series, we want to take a few minutes to look ahead into the upcoming purchasing season and what the status of these myths could mean for your RFPs. Before we start, the most important thing to […]

Is Alternative Student Transportation as Consistent as Traditional Transportation?

Alternative Transportation Myth #3: Alternative Student Transportation Is Not as Consistent as Traditional Transportation There are several alternative transportation models to explore when evaluating what is best for your district. Each model is different in how they structure their drivers, vehicles, and routing services. Districts utilizing alternative forms of student transportation typically fall within one […]

Alternative Student Transportation Myth #2: It Doesn’t Meet Standard Student Transportation Requirements

It is a widely held belief that alternative forms of student transportation do not meet the standards or regulations of traditional student transportation. There are thousands of districts out there that use alternative types of vehicles though (some of them even own their own “white fleet”), so is it true? Do alternative types of transportation […]

Alternative Student Transportation Myths

Myth #1: The only students who need alternative transportation are children with special needs. We all love the show MythBusters because they were a team of professionals who took common myths most of us were familiar with and tried to prove them. Sometimes they did, and other times they either found that the myth was […]