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National Express LLC appoints Tim Wertner as CEO of its Student Transportation Division in North America

National Express LLC, a division of National Express Group PLC, today announced that Tim Wertner has been appointed CEO of Student Transportation (“School Bus”). Tim has extensive experience in transportation and logistics and joins from FedEx where he spent 30 years, most recently as Senior Vice President of the FedEx North America Western Division. In […]

Durham School Services team members in Michigan recognized for exemplary service and dedication

Durham School Services is proud to announce that twelve of its team members have received community awards for their dedication to and excellence in service. Ten team members were awarded the Rochester Community Schools (RCS) Sparkle Award; three received special recognition, and two received the Oakland Schools Excellence in Transportation Award. As part of our […]

How School Districts and Students View the Technology that Delivers Safety Outside the Bus

The marriage of AI-enabled, predictive technology and stop arm camera ticketing systems: delivering real-world safety to students despite growing driver distraction.  The pandemic didn’t bring much in the way of good, with one exception being a dramatic drop in illegal school bus passing. With the pandemic now firmly in our rear view, so are those […]

Mobile County Public School System Installs Fleetwide Fire Suppression

Mobile County Public School System (MCPSS), the largest and oldest school district in Alabama, took a major step forward for safety when it installed Fogmaker Fire Suppression Systems on its entire fleet of more than 700 buses. The move was spurred by an earlier thermal incident in which an MCPSS bus caught fire. The fire […]

Perimeter Fencing Keeps School Buses Secure

School bus safety is about child safety. That’s why buses are highly visible with flashing lights, and why they’re equipped with stop-sign arms and cross-view mirrors. But when children aren’t on board,  what’s being done about school bus security? School buses are expensive and have valuable parts, making them targets for theft and vandalism. The […]

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: NAPT Leadership Previews 2023 Conference & Trade Show

School BUSRide spoke with the executive leadership team from the NAPT and NAPT Foundation. They spoke about the importance of the NAPT Conference & Trade Show returning in 2023, the significance of its return to Columbus, Ohio, and what members can expect in October. The NAPT Conference & Trade Show is consistently recognized as the […]

Danville Community School Corporation Upgrades Technology, Transforms Maintenance Processes with Servicefinder Installation

Located in a small rural area with a population of 2,700 students, Danville Community School Corporation in Danville, Indiana, is responsible for transporting well over half of the student body to and from campus every day. With 35 buses and 18 routes covering 86 square miles, the district’s transportation department needed reliable routing and management […]

Member Spotlight: Lee Livingston, Prince George County Public Schools

School BUSRide spoke with Lee Livingston, transportation director for Prince George County Public Schools in Prince George, Virginia. Livingston talked about his district’s most pressing challenges, his advice to other NAPT members, and how he views the organization’s strengths in 2023. Please introduce yourself and tell us about your district. My name is Lee Livingston […]

It’s that time of the year again …

When I worked in school districts, the period between spring break and the end of the school year was my least favorite time. It always seemed as if people, from parents to our professional colleagues and staff, took on new attitudes. Unfortunately, they were not good attitudes! I began to describe this behavior as a […]

Blue Bird delivers largest electric school bus fleet in its history to Broward County Public Schools in Florida

Blue Bird Corporation, the leader in electric and low-emission school buses, is supplying 60 electric school buses to Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) in Florida. The delivery represents the largest electric school bus fleet purchase in Blue Bird’s history. Through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Electric School Bus Project, BCPS is replacing part […]