Peter Mannella, Author at School BUSRide

Caught In the Act!

An American President once called for our nation to look for ‘a thousand points of light’ around our communities and neighborhoods. His call was for us to find ways to unite and to see the good in one another while also encouraging us all to find ways to help one another.  In that same spirit, […]

Gifts That Only We Can Give

When I was young and serving our church as a reader at Sunday Mass, I once added to the communal prayer (that the pastor had personally prepared) a plea for those who died alone.  The first time I inserted it (at the holiday season), he asked, or maybe he barked: “Hey Mannella, what the heck […]

Thinking: About the Children

As I sat and pondered what strand of thought to follow in what is often called a ‘thought piece,’ it struck me that my intent in each of these monthly writings was to get us all to just consider topics and share discussion. It seems like there is not enough time in our days lately […]

S.B.S.W.: Share the Story of Us

It’s a wonderful time of the year! So goes the song.  This wonderful time of the year happens to be the October perennial known as “School Bus Safety Week.” This is OUR week! What can we celebrate during this week? What can you do to commemorate it in your operation? Why does it matter? So, […]

That Sense of Belonging

In her 1990s ‘Clan of the Cave Bear’ book series, author Jean Auel described early mankind as communal, with annual gatherings of the tribes to share foods, sports, medicines, religion, clothing, and social traditions. Each time I’ve attended a NAPT Annual Conference and Trade Show over the years, I felt that spirit inside me; that […]

The Media and Liability: Expecting Excellence

CAVEAT LECTOR  (Let the reader beware):  I write this piece acknowledging I am neither attorney nor a professional journalist. But my experiences in each of those worlds have afforded me certain useful knowledge and insights. That is what I share here. I hope to provoke thoughts on your end, and I also caution you to […]

Earning Brand Loyalty: No Easy Task

In business marketing, the concept of ‘brand loyalty’ can be defined as follows: Brand loyalty…consists of a consumer’s commitment to repurchase or otherwise continue using the brand and can be demonstrated by repeated buying of a product or service or other positive behaviors such as word of mouth advocacy. Think about it and you’ll see […]

Learning From a Moment of Trauma

It was February 9, 2004.  A gunman opened fire in my daughter’s high school. No fatalities.  A special ed teacher was shot and injured and an assistant principal tackled the shooter to end the incident.   I remember driving to the school with my ‘flip phone’ in hand hoping to hear from my daughter on […]

Oh, School Bus…How Do We Love Thee?

In 1850, Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote Sonnet #43, which we know today by its endearing opening line: “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”   As we exit February and move past America’s Valentines’ Day, I thought it would be appropriate to think about the many ways we love the school bus. […]

BE IT RESOLVED: An End of Year Resolution

Pause with us for a moment to reflect on 2020 and 2021. Pause to reflect on what has transpired in our nation and our schools and on our school buses. Pause to reflect on what we have accomplished in these months of change and disruption. Pause to consider what the next twelve months will bring […]