School Bus Safety Company debuts 6 programs for Safety Reminder Series

The School Bus Safety Company announced today they have created a series of six safety programs in their new Safety Reminder Series. Each program is six to eight minutes in length and cover the following.

  1. Safety Management System
  2. What is Safety?
  3. Preventing Accidents
  4. Preventing Intersection Accidents
  5. What’s In It for Me
  6. Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety

Jeff Cassell, the president of the School Bus Safety Company explained, “New school bus drivers go through extensive training. We believe it is essential that all the safe concepts initially taught be reinforced and continually indoctrinated throughout the school year.

We have created this initial series of safety programs that really focus on the most important practices taught. The training is delivered on-line and can be watched on i-phones, lap-tops or computers. Alternatively, they can be presented by a trainer in a safety meeting.

These programs are very focused, they teach and reinforce the most important driving behaviors and are easy to understand and follow. The programs are delivered by professional narrators and show the best practices in safely transporting students. The programs will help indoctrinate a safety culture in your transportation.

Our intention is to create a library of subjects by adding to this series. We are already working on the next six programs.”

For more information, or a quote, call 1 866 275 7272 or visit the web site at