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School Bus Safety Company debuts 6 programs for Safety Reminder Series

The School Bus Safety Company announced today they have created a series of six safety programs in their new Safety Reminder Series. Each program is six to eight minutes in length and cover the following. Safety Management System What is Safety? Preventing Accidents Preventing Intersection Accidents What’s In It for Me Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety […]

Alternative student transportation: Is it right for your district?

As school districts nationwide grapple with the challenge of providing safe and reliable transportation for all of their students, many are exploring alternative strategies to optimize their resources. While the iconic yellow school bus remains the primary and traditional mode of transportation for most students, small-capacity vehicles offer a more flexible and cost-effective solution. These […]

Q&A: Jonathan Bentley, Pupil Transportation Safety Institute

For this in-depth Q&A, School BUSRide spoke with Jonathan Bentley, director of the Pupil Transportation Safety Institute (PTSI), a leading provider of resources and training for school bus drivers in support of their goal of the safe, efficient transportation of children. To learn more about the PTSI and its programs, please visit Please introduce […]

Optimism is a Good Thing!

One definition of ‘optimism’ I read refers to one’s confidence that the results of any situation will be mostly positive, good, or favorable.  In the school bus business, we approach every day with a sense of optimism.  For every day we are responsible for transporting 25 million children to school on our nearly half a […]

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kathleen Minke, National Association of School Psychologists

School BUSRide spoke with Kathleen Minke, executive director of the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). Minke discussed the role of NASP in the education experience, how their work interfaces with the school bus, and how NAPT and NASP members can help each other in their mission to provide a safe and fulfilling experience for […]

On your mark, get set, GO!

As a school person, one of my favorite times of the year is the start of a new school year! In my days as an aide, teacher and an administrator, I looked forward fondly to the return of our students and the new year. After all, a fresh start, new challenges and new opportunities were […]

Federal Way Public Schools Transforms Operations with Bytecurve

How a Washington State Public School District Transformed its Operations with Bytecurve360 Trying to get 7,500 students to school on time every day of the school year can be a daunting task. There are a lot of moving pieces.  Drivers who call in sick.  Busses that break down.  Reconciling different pay grades for various roles.  […]

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Stephanie Walker, Habersham County Board of Education

School BUSRide spoke with Stephanie Walker, transportation coordinator at Habersham County Board of Education in Georgia, about her recent completion of all four NAPT certification categories, including Certified Director of Pupil Transportation (CDPT), Certified Supervisor of Pupil Transportation (CSPT), Certified Pupil Transportation Specialist (CPTS) and Certified in Special Needs Transportation (CSNT). Please introduce yourself and […]

Two-Way Streets

In every family or personal relationship, we place both spoken and unspoken expectations on one another.  There are also expectations in play in every professional contract and interaction.  We perform a service or provide goods to others, and we expect payment or consideration. Expectations affect every aspect of our lives.  It’s appropriate to have expectations […]

In the Heat of the Summer…

I remember when school people often took the month of July off. Today, as our schools have evolved and changed calendars and schedules, year-round school and August starts are not unusual. Our school calendars are now 24/7 and our vacation times are scarce! As we enter this month, I’m reminded of the heat it brings. […]