The Power of Association

Later this month, we’ll welcome our members and business partners to the return of the NAPT Annual Conference & Trade Show. This awesome event will be our first time together since 2019, and I cannot tell you how excited I am! The movers and shakers, the leaders and aspiring leaders, key business leaders, and industry VIPs will come together to celebrate the power and professionalism of our industry. We hope you’ll be there with us!

After all, there’s power in association. For centuries, the ability to connect with like-minded and powerful people has been the way to get things done. Consider the adage about birds of a feather flocking together. Being known by the company you keep and who you associate with has never been more important. When we gather with positive, driven and dedicated colleagues, we feel the energy, we enjoy the learning and unite with our “tribe.” 

Professional associations have been around for many years. In the digital age, associations still have offer  connections reinforced by information which can dramatically impact your career and your work. Association is a powerful word in itself. It shows an alignment, a like-minded group and the ability to harness the education, training and leadership of others. Being in an association does all these things for us!

Associations have always played a role in my professional life. Early in my career in school districts, I used them as a way to learn, to find help in solving problems and to create my professional network. I rarely went to a conference or meeting where I did not come back with nuggets of key information or contacts, I could use immediately. I also felt energized and empowered by the experience. As I got involved in the leadership of my associations, I honed my skills, learned to be a leader and enhanced my professional resume. I also met people who would become my friends, mentors, co-workers and even supervisors in the future!

NAPT and the NAPT Foundation Boards have done a masterful job in the programming and planning of our 2023 Annual Conference. Columbus, Ohio, is rolling out the red carpet for us, and the facilities and hotels are excellent. This conference will showcase the true meaning of the power of association! Kudos to our amazing professional staff for their diligence and hard work to make sure our meeting is a success!

My experience with associations also has reminded me time and time again of the need to regain our perspectives. Like most of you, I’m a driven person. My work is very important to me, and I can get so engrossed in the day-to-day challenges and activities that I find myself closed off from new information. I can get so busy taking care of business that I forget there are fresh ideas, new methods and inspiring people who can assist me. A conference is a great way to regain your perspective, explore and learn. It also allows you to take a breath, change your scenery and enjoy your colleagues. It’s amazing how beneficial a short break can be!

The 2023 NAPT Annual Conference &Trade Show marks a special milestone for me. It’s my first conference as your CEO/executive director and my first chance to meet so many of our members in person! I also have the pleasure of presenting on a topic I’m passionate about at a general session – leadership. I’ve been working on this presentation for months and I cannot wait to deliver it. 

See you in Columbus!