Region 4 in Houston area picks Transfinder

Region 4 Education Service Center, located in Houston, Texas, is pioneering a new approach to assisting member districts with their transportation needs by selecting Transfinder’s award-winning Routefinder PLUS and servicing districts that are implementing the solution.

Behind this innovative approach is Jack Mann, Region 4 Director of Business and Operations Solutions. Mann, prior to working at Region 4, worked in several districts and is intimately familiar with Transfinder’s solutions and service.

“I’ve been a longtime user of Transfinder at many different districts,” Mann said. “I’ve used other products but really have been a firm believer in what Transfinder’s been doing. They are service-minded and don’t leave clients in the cold.”

Region 4 has a range of large and small districts, from districts with 1,200 students to districts with more than 125,000 students. A total of 1.2 million students fall under the purview of Region 4.

Mann said he is exploring all the potential opportunities this new relationship with Transfinder could provide, including offering backend support to districts and even creating routes for districts using Routefinder PLUS.

Jack Mann, Region 4 Director of Business and Operations Solutions

In addition, Mann plans to be a resource for districts and teaching best practices in terms of routing. Region 4 could offer these services throughout Texas.

“I’m the only one doing something like this that I know of,” Mann said. He said this approach could be replicated throughout the state.

Mann said his top goal is to help districts “get the support they need to be more successful.”

He said Transfinder was the correct company to partner with. “With my expertise having been a router and implementing Transfinder in districts, I feel like I have the expertise to get us off the ground. Transfinder has saved my butt many times. As I went through the whole process of implementing it in districts, I learned a lot and I am just a huge believer that it can help us more efficiently do routing.”

Antonio Civitella, President and CEO of Transfinder, praised Mann for his forward-looking approach.

“People are burning out. There’s a lot of stress in this industry. People reach a certain age and wonder, ‘Why am I doing this?’ How do we encourage new people to get into this field and know that we have experts to get them up to speed? Jack and his team will be mentors to help fill that voice. And Transfinder will be there every step of the way to make sure his team is successful.”