Happy New Year! Welcome to 2024!

This year has started with a roar! I don’t think there is anywhere in the USA that has not been impacted by some type of weather issues. As I write this, we are setting freezing temperatures, and I am looking out at snow covered grounds. My thoughts go out to all our members who are trying to brave these winter storms, to the behind-the-scenes transportation team members who are readjusting their operations for safety, and to the drivers who are out on the roads! My greatest wish for you is safe travels!

January has always been one of my favorite months. I love the idea of fresh starts and new opportunities. When I worked in school districts, January was a midpoint for me in the school year. I could see the remainder of the year ahead of me with a clear perspective, begin planning for the following year, and take time to reflect. 

Now I am with NAPT and alongside board leadership, I am delighted and passionate to be kicking off the year strong! We hope that you have had a chance to check out the Love the Bus Campaign and January webinars! We think this is a great campaign to help our members celebrate Love the Bus this February and we are excited by the response from our members! There will be additional opportunities for you to share your best ideas, so please keep reading your emails and following us! 

In addition to the Love the Bus Campaign, we are thrilled about the programs and projects that we have planned and those that are in process for 2024! We are working on a new expanded membership campaign, an updated conference schedule and programming for the 2024 Annual Conference, a special meeting with the leadership of our state affiliates, expanding our legislative program, and two new Leadership Training Academies. We are also updating our professional development programs and certifications! 

As I reflected on 2023, I was reminded of how incredibly blessed I was to be able to work with the leadership and staff of NAPT and the NAPT Foundation. My vision for 2024 is to build upon the strong foundation set in 2023. Welcome to 2024 – I hope that you are with me. Never forget that what you do matters!