From the NAPT Executive Director & CEO: December

Following many of our members on social media is a joy for me! I truly love seeing how you, your colleagues, and your drivers celebrate the holidays! The creativity and fun are contagious, and I know that your passengers must love the season as well because of the joy you bring to your work! Thank you for the extra mile that you go to make sure that the season is recognized and enjoyed! 

For me, I find December to be a challenging and busy month. I continue to be struck by how quickly the year went by. It seems it was January only yesterday. It often feels that there is just not enough time to do all that I want to do and to accomplish all that I need to accomplish. Do you feel that way as well?

2023 was the year that started the establishment of our new normal, post pandemic. The pandemic was an unexpected disruptor that forced us to find new ways of doing business. Most organizations and NAPT is no exception, are still adjusting and adapting to this newness by developing new programs, protocols, and methods for how we conduct business. 

As a lover of innovation and change, I am sometimes surprised by how much I refer to the past. It is so easy to longingly look at what was and to wish for a return to an earlier time! The truth is that we have moved forward; while we can admire our past (and more importantly, learn from it) – what lies before us is important, maybe even more so than what is behind us. 

NAPT and the NAPT Foundation are embracing these changes with open hearts and minds! Our Boards and member leaders see the newness as an opportunity to improve! Recently, a new schedule and program was approved for our 2024 annual conference and trade show. After study and thought, the groups created a new format that we feel will be in the best interest of all our members as we move forward. The changes were made to enhance the event and to create a more powerful program. 

As you finish up December 2023, we hope that you take a few moments to reflect on your successes and the positive impact you have had this year! Your work matters and what you do as a leader has a powerful impact on your school and your community. Thank you for being a leader in our industry!

On a personal note, I wish you the very happiest of holiday seasons! Whatever you celebrate, I send you love and good wishes! I love the diversity of our industry and our ability of embracing each other’s traditions and beliefs. 

I cannot wait for 2024! I am not sure what all the new year will bring, but I do know that together, we can accomplish great things!

See you next year,