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Fire Suppression Requires a ‘Holistic’ Approach

Our experience clearly demonstrates that the best approach to fire suppression in school bus transportation is using a water-based system as opposed to a dry-powder system. Dry powder is sometimes used in pupil transportation fire suppression systems, but a water-based system is much more efficient at quickly knocking down the flame source and keeping it […]

Fire Suppression Focuses on Evacuation Time Mitigation

The most important thing to remember about fire suppression is that suppression is the operative term. If you apply enough heat to any vehicle or fuel, it will burn down regardless of an onboard extinguisher or fire suppression system. No onboard fire suppression system will be 100 percent effective at extinguishing fires 100 percent of […]


Earlier this year the National Safety Transportation Board (NTSB) released a safety report documenting their findings of an investigation into four electric vehicle fires involving high-voltage, lithium-ion batteries. Dr. Peter Lawrence, CDPT, Ed.D., sat down with Dr. Thomas Barth, Survival Factors Investigator and Biomechanics Engineer at the NTSB, to discuss the impacts of this report […]

Advocacy is Part of Our Job

When I worked as a professional lobbyist, I trained our clients in grassroots advocacy strategies. The credo of our firm focused on enabling average New Yorkers to speak out for themselves as the strongest form of advocacy. We believed that every citizen should learn about and develop their capacity for speaking out about – and […]

Prince George’s County Public Schools launches school bus safety program to protect students

BusPatrol announces a new partnership in Maryland with Prince George’s County Public Schools. The School District is the latest to launch a school bus safety program to protect students as they travel to and from school. As part of the program, 1,216 buses at Prince George’s County have been equipped with safety technology including stop-arm […]

Palermo School District partners with EV charging solutions provider

  Adding another school district looking to electrify its fleet to its growing list of customers, AMPLY Power has been selected to fully manage the charging of electric school buses for the Palermo Union Elementary School District. The zero-emission commitment from the school significantly lowers operating and fuel costs for the district to 50 percent of what it […]

C-V2X technology deployment to boost school bus and school zone safety

  One of the largest school bus makers in the USA, Blue Bird, has joined a first-of-its-kind collaboration with Audi of America, Applied Information and Temple to deploy cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) technology aimed at reducing vehicle hazards that vulnerable schoolchildren face every year. The Fulton County School System in the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area has […]

South Dakota school districts add emission-reducing propane buses

Six South Dakota school districts received Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR) funding to purchase emissions-reducing propane autogas school buses. The districts chose Blue Bird Vision Propane buses because they emit fewer greenhouse gases, smog-producing hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides compared with the diesel buses replaced, and propane operating costs are significantly lower. The six […]

Illinois school districts deploy first V2G enabled electric school buses

  At a press event held at the Pekin Transportation Department, school bus industry leader Blue Bird Corporation delivered the first operational DC fast charge V2G (vehicle-to-grid)-capable school bus, powered by the Cummins™ PowerDrive™ EV system, in North America, utilizing technology from Nuvve Holding Corp. This bus is one of two Blue Bird Type C […]

District is poised to be one of the first in NY to move toward electric bus fleet

Fully electric school buses could begin rolling (quietly) through neighborhoods in Bethlehem in 2021-22 if residents approve a bus purchase proposition in May that would begin a transition of the district’s bus fleet from diesel-fuel to zero-emission electric school buses. If approved, BC would be one of the first school districts in New York state […]