Deirdre O'Brien, Author at School BUSRide

Safety Advancements in the Danger Zone

The Danger Zone risk to students Students are most at risk not when they are riding the bus to school, but when they are loading and off-loading the bus. One-third of students who died in school transportation related crashes between 2006 and 2015, were killed while they were approaching or leaving the bus. This area […]

Reducing Risk to Students in the Danger Zone

By Deirdre O’Brien Technology and grassroots efforts join forces to increase safety outside the bus Students outside the school bus are far more vulnerable to risk of injury than those on-board the bus. And the risk to students outside the bus is rising every year, according to annual injury statistics. The 2018-19 school year saw […]

Advanced Safety Systems in Action

Immediate reduction in student injury AND long-term strategy to change motorist behavior  When we talk about the injury or death of one more child being one child too many, the key to keeping this one child safe today is proactive technology. Education, awareness, and accountability have long been part of ongoing efforts to address the […]

Turning the danger zone into a safety zone

School buses are known to be the safest method of transporting kids to school – 70 times safer than travelling by car. School bus design improvements and a variety of safety products and technologies all contribute to help school buses maintain this distinction. Industry insight gathered on safety incidents involving school buses, however, shows that […]