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Reducing Risk to Students in the Danger Zone

By Deirdre O’Brien Technology and grassroots efforts join forces to increase safety outside the bus Students outside the school bus are far more vulnerable to risk of injury than those on-board the bus. And the risk to students outside the bus is rising every year, according to annual injury statistics. The 2018-19 school year saw […]

Use Technology to Ensure Children Are Not Left Behind

Are you really doing everything you can to make sure the children in your care are getting safely to and from school? Yes, state governments mandate that no child shall be left on a school vehicle. And school districts and transportation contractors require extensive training for drivers. They also equip their vehicles with cameras and […]


  By Peter Mannella Several years ago, at an annual conference I was planning in New York, I invited a guest speaker who specialized in child and family social trends and conditions. My intention was for her to share information with the pupil transportation professionals in the room about the children who get our attention […]

Laural Hayes Retires from Pupil Transportation

More than half a century of changes, and quite a few shower curtains later, Laural Hayes will finally retire from the school transportation profession. In 1968, The Beatles were at the top of the charts, a postage stamp cost 6 cents, Apollo 8 orbited the moon for the first time, and Laural Voelker stepped into […]


Earlier this year the National Safety Transportation Board (NTSB) released a safety report documenting their findings of an investigation into four electric vehicle fires involving high-voltage, lithium-ion batteries. Dr. Peter Lawrence, CDPT, Ed.D., sat down with Dr. Thomas Barth, Survival Factors Investigator and Biomechanics Engineer at the NTSB, to discuss the impacts of this report […]

Risky Business: Recognizing and Managing Risks in Transportation

When you hear about risk management, what is your first thought? Is it lawyers and insurance brokers, and lots of paperwork? If those are the images recalled, it is time to rethink risk and where it comes from. Risk is often perceived as something to be afraid of because the consequences can often be devastating […]

Turning the danger zone into a safety zone

School buses are known to be the safest method of transporting kids to school – 70 times safer than travelling by car. School bus design improvements and a variety of safety products and technologies all contribute to help school buses maintain this distinction. Industry insight gathered on safety incidents involving school buses, however, shows that […]

Putting Safety First: Districts Must Go “Beyond Enforcement”

By Jean Souliere Drivers illegally pass stopped school buses more than 17 million times a year in the US. BusPatrol aims to reduce this number to zero with its no-cost school bus safety programs. Jean Souliere, CEO of BusPatrol, explains how school districts can overcome financial barriers that prohibit them from adopting the latest school […]

School Transportation Must Develop a PEACE Plan

As we start a new year, the one thing I think we all desire is peace. We just came off a holiday season where many of the songs are about peace. Peace is defined as “freedom from disturbance; a state of security; freedom from oppressive thoughts or emotions.” Through much of 2020 I spoke about […]

New York Association Steps Up Advocacy

As professionals, we sometimes need to take things into our own hands and work together to make things happen.  Often that’s how things actually get done in our world. Many of our state associations are engaged in advocacy for school bus legislation and funding.  One of the states that has been active in advocating for […]