Lori Jetha, Author at School BUSRide

Effective Strategies for Combating Risk in the School Bus Danger Zone

The ninth annual National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS) survey of national illegal school bus passes found more than 95,000 motorists ran school bus stop arms in one day in the 2023 school year. The previous year’s survey reported 83,944 passing incidents. That’s a shocking increase, especially when you consider the […]

How School Districts and Students View the Technology that Delivers Safety Outside the Bus

The marriage of AI-enabled, predictive technology and stop arm camera ticketing systems: delivering real-world safety to students despite growing driver distraction.  The pandemic didn’t bring much in the way of good, with one exception being a dramatic drop in illegal school bus passing. With the pandemic now firmly in our rear view, so are those […]

The Connected School Bus — Where Video Becomes Safety

Around 25 million students in the US hop on a school bus each weekday. Thanks to its design and the regulations around it, this vehicle is one of the safest on the road. It provides 70 times more safe arrivals at school, compared to a personal car¹. Even so, injuries occur on a daily basis […]