Three New Briefs on School Transportation from Bellwether

Safe, reliable, and equitable school transportation is essential for a strong education system. But too often transportation is a footnote in education policy discussions. Bellwether is out to change that with three new policy briefs on vital issues shaping school transportation.

  1. Intersection Ahead: School Transportation, School Integration, and School Choice
  2. School Crossing: Student Safety on the Bus and Beyond
  3. From Yellow to Green: Reducing School Transportation’s Impact on the Environment 

These three reports build off of July 2019’s “The Challenges and Opportunities in School Transportation Today,” and 2017’s, “Miles to Go: Bringing School Transportation Into the 21st Century,” by diving deeper into three school transportation topics that deserve closer examination. Learn what’s stopping the spread of electric school buses, how schools are using transportation to drive integration and choice at the same time, and why longer distances to school could be bad news for student safety.