Business Intelligence and Student Transportation

Business Intelligence is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to student transportation professionals to make more information decisions. Apollo transforms the data you already have into meaningful and useful information which can then be used to identify organizational needs and determine solutions to current challenges.

Business Intelligence combines data from the student transportation industry (external data) with data from your organization (internal data) to provide a more comprehensive picture, which creates “business intelligence” that cannot be derived by a singular set of data.

Specifically, NAPTBI’s Apollo offers our users a dynamic platform for tracking, measuring and improving the performance of their transportation operation. The series of interrelated and connected software applications take raw data and turn it into information that will truly help you improve and expedite decision making. Data entry is easy and the analytics are targeted to fit the needs of districts of all sizes.

Apollo’s features include:

  • A common set of analytics, metrics and dashboards
  • Analytic comparisons to allow districts to exchange and develop fresh solutions
  • Networking, instant messaging and communications capability
  • Online collaboration/project center
  • Industry communication calendar