Pupil safety solutions to enhance school bus safety, efficiency and accountability

Zonar, the leader in smart fleet technology, today announced three new solutions for pupil transportation offerings. Included in the offerings are the addition of student ridership alerts to the award-winning Zonar MyView™ app for real-time school bus fleet tracking, Zonar OnRoute™, a route agnostic turn-by-turn direction solution and Zonar Access™, a driver task and time management application. Together, the three new offerings represent the latest in school transportation technology and are aimed to help school’s transportation departments deliver modern and seamless experiences for dispatch, drivers and to parents.

“As parents send their students back to school, we’re helping districts reimagine the safety and efficiency of their bus fleets by providing a new level of transparency and accountability through digital services,” said H. Kevin Mest, senior vice president and general manager of passenger services at Zonar. “We encourage all school bus fleet managers and transportation directors, whether their fleets have remainded idle during the pandemic or are up and running, to seize the opportunity to re-think how they plan to conduct their operations going forward and consider the technology solutions available to them.”

Having pioneered 20 years of delivering safety and efficiency technologies to schools, Zonar’s latest offerings are designed to help schools take steps during the pandemic to make their operations run better. They also enable schools to help parents feel confident that their children will be safer stepping back on board a school bus now and when things get back to normal.

Enabled by Zonar Z Pass™, the new student ridership alerts in side MyView now provide parents with the the exat time, location and bus their child entered and exited. Additionally, Zonar customers can take advantage of capabilities within OnRoute and Access including:

  • Zonar OnRoute: Available through the driver’s Zonar tablet, OnRoute provides precise and audible turn-by-turn directions to empower safe navigation. OnRoute is route-agnostic and saves time creating maps with seamless editing and approval; eliminates handwritten notes and directions, increases route efficiency and timeliness and captures all paths and stop location data in real-time with Zonar’s patented OnRoute Record.
  • Zonar Access: Digital driver time and task management lowers operational costs for districts by enabling digital processes for managing employee hours with a customizable clock-in threshold, which streamlines and eliminates human errors. Zonar Access also alleviates the need for drivers to pick-up schedules in-person and helps them adhere to social distancing requirements, making daily driver life easier.