Industry-leading innovators work together to increase fleet safety 

Zonar, the leader in smart fleet technology, and Transfinder, the national leader in intelligent transportation systems, have entered into a strategic partnership to equip school district bus fleets with smart fleet management and routing solutions. As a Zonar reseller in the United States and Canada under a new reseller agreement, Transfinder will sell Zonar solutions along with its school bus routing and transportation management technologies.

This partnership integrates Transfinder technologies seamlessly with Zonar APIs, leveraging its GPS data and EVIR® and for Transfinder’s Routefinder and Servicefinder solutions. The compatibility will ensure school and district transportation fleets benefit from more accurate and efficient route optimization, increased fleet safety and ridership visibility, and improved maintenance shop productivity.

“It is our top priority to ensure the safety of students and productivity of our transportation customers through the use of innovative technology,” said Ian McKerlich, president and CEO at Zonar. “Our partnership with Transfinder is allowing Zonar to further equip school districts across the country with intuitive tools for coordinating fleet management with transportation logistics.”

For Transfinder, the partnership with Zonar marks a technical and corporate evolution – moving beyond being a routing company and to becoming an all-in-one solution for school transportation departments. Zonar’s GPS technology is a key component that works seamlessly with Transfinder solutions, including Routefinder, Transfinder’s award-winning routing software, and the Transfinder driver app Wayfinder.

“Our partnership with Zonar is a major advancement for the school transportation industry. With the development of our latest solutions, combined with Zonar’s long-standing history in the industry, together we make it easier for school districts to deploy smart technologies,” said Antonio Civitella, president and CEO of Transfinder. “We are proud to partner with the most proven and used hardware and software on the market and continue to make the roads safer for all.”

One of the largest school districts in the U.S. uses both Zonar and Transfinder technologies to keep students safe, easily manage bus routes, students and drivers as well as ensure its bus fleets are efficiently maintained. The successful collaboration of Zonar’s technology with Transfinder’s solutions ensure districts and families nationwide can depend on safe, reliable and efficient transportation for drivers and passengers.

The announcement was made today at the STN Expo Virtual Conference put on by School Transportation News, January 25-27, 2021, where Zonar’s Chief Operating Officer, Mike Gould, gave the keynote address on 3 Key Opportunities For 2021.