Winners describe Transfinder’s Top Transportation Teams program as a morale booster, bond builder and recruitment helper

If you talk to a winner of the inaugural Top Transportation Teams awards, you’ll see a common theme: The program strengthened their already strong teams.

“Being named a Top Transportation Team was truly an honor for us,” said John Fergerson, transportation director at Klein ISD in Texas. “We work hard to provide safe transportation to all students of Klein ISD and this award helped validate the hard work our team puts in every day. I see the commitment our team puts in every day and this award served as a morale booster to the team.”

Klein ISD was one of six teams that won the award. Joining Klein in the over 100 employees category were: Franklin Township Community School Corporation in Indiana and Garland Independent School District in Texas.

The winners in the 100 or fewer employees category were: Marshall Public Schools in Michigan; Pembroke Central School District in New York; and South Lewis Central School District in New York.

“Being named one of the Top Transportation Teams meant the world to myself and our team,” said Todd Livesay, director of transportation at Franklin Township Community School Corp. in Indiana. “To be honest, we work hard every day and it can always feel like we are treading water. It was an unbelievable feeling of affirmation and accomplishment when we received the honor because it told us in no uncertain terms that what we are doing is working and what we do matters.”

Fergerson said there was more to the award than just the outside recognition.

“One of the biggest things our team has taken from the Top Transportation Teams award is the bond we have shared because of this award. We have seen increased collaboration throughout the department,” he said. “The shared goal of striving for excellence in transportation services brought us together and encouraged collaboration across different departments. Moreover, the recognition received through the program motivated everyone to continue working towards our common objectives.”

Anna Banner, transportation director at Garland ISD in Texas, said: “Being a part of a Top Transportation Team feels like we are doing something right and changing the transportation culture.”

“It has made us feel like working together really makes a difference in not only our team but the community as well,” Banner added. “They got to see how much more organized we are and fewer balls get dropped.”

Livesay said the award a brought his team together as well.

“It united our team,” he said. “Everyone from our mechanics to bus monitors felt a sense of pride and it only inspired us to keep the bar high and continue to work. The entire team is hoping to continue to be one of the Top Teams!”

Banner said her team isn’t resting on its laurels.

“Our motto is: ‘How can we improve and make things better?’ We are always looking for ways to help each other. ‘Do Better, Be Better’!”

She said there are positive ramifications from this focus on changing the transportation culture.

“We are only two drivers short due to this culture change. Everyone wants to be a part of something awesome and we want to be just that awesome!”

Livesay said he intentionally makes front and center the fact that his crew is a Top Transportation Team.

“We made sure that everyone knew that this is a Team award,” he said. “In every meeting, every training and every conversation, we have wedged that reminder that that is ‘who we are’ and to always keep the bar high. This mentality has been contagious and we are truly working as one on the goal to keep this mindset.”

Fergerson said winning the Top Transportation Teams award has had a “ripple effect.”

“It has elevated our reputation within the industry and instilled a sense of pride in our team members,” he said. “Furthermore, the recognition garnered from being named a Top Transportation Team has boosted employee morale and served as a powerful recruitment tool for attracting top talent to our organization.”

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