Transfinder CARES Act expires Dec. 31, 2020

Transfinder Corp. has released its own CARES Act designed to help schools overcome budgetary challenges caused by the pandemic by reducing the cost to access its award-winning software and deferring payments until July 2021.

CARES stands for Client Aid Relief for (r)Evolutionary Software. For as little as $4,995, districts can get started with Transfinder’s industry leading Routefinder PLUS software. Routefinder PLUS is the browser-based routing software that utilizes Transfinder’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence Optimization (AIO) that builds the safest routes and bus stops in school transportation.

PLUS has proven to be critical software used by schools from coastto- coast who are dealing with complex routing needs as districts have adopted a number of complex schedules, including multiple tiers, A/B days and hybrid schedules of in-person and virtual instruction. PLUS assists districts with formulating multiple “what if” scenarios. PLUS also offers Smart Routing and Flexible Routing, giving users the ability to define custom maneuvers, travel regions and curb approaches. And since PLUS is browser-based, routers can access the software anywhere they have internet access.

One key aspect to the CARES Act is that it provides districts with the ability to make flexible payments while gaining immediate access to Routefinder PLUS.

“We speak with schools every day and we know man have been hit extremely hard by the pandemic. Budgets are in disarray,” Transfinder President and CEO Antonio Civitella said. “That led us to create our own relief package, helping districts access our innovative software for as low as $4,995. With this CARES Act, we are truly investing in schools.”

Routefinder PLUS received the Most Innovative Software last month at the Bus Technology Summit, voted on by 1,2500 attendees. Transfinder is also known for its award-winning customer service. Districts interested in participating in the Transfinder CARES Act must themselves act by Dec. 31, 2020.