ROUSH CleanTech and Blue Bird first to achieve certification to 2022 Heavy Duty Refueling Standard

All Blue Bird propane and gasoline school buses have received Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board certification for the 2022 heavy duty refueling standard, significantly reducing emissions from escaping the tank during refueling.

On gasoline fuel systems, Environmental Protection Agency tests show that the new refueling emissions regulations can reduce harmful emissions by up to 93%.

“Blue Bird is the first school bus manufacturer to receive this emissions-reducing certification for a gasoline-powered bus, thanks to our strong partnership with ROUSH CleanTech,” said Jeff Sanfrey, senior vice president of engineering for Blue Bird Corporation. “The new refueling emissions standard compliance is excellent news for the environment, our customers and communities across America.”

For propane buses, the requirement is met by using a low-emissions quick-connect fill valve, which limits fuel vapors in the atmosphere. For gasoline buses, the requirement is met by implementation of an onboard refueling vapor recovery (ORVR) system.

ORVR is a vehicle emission control system that collects fuel vapor generated during a vehicle’s refueling process. ORVR helps reduce harmful emissions like volatile organic compounds from escaping the tank. An on-board carbon/vapor canister captures and stores the fuel vapors. Stored fuel vapors are then consumed by the engine during combustion.

“Our cost-efficient, advanced vehicle solutions for the school bus market just got even cleaner with the new refueling emissions compliancy,” said Todd Mouw, executive vice president of sales and marketing for ROUSH CleanTech. “Every child deserves to have a safe, clean, healthy ride to school, and we will keep innovating with the latest technologies to reduce harmful emissions.” In the past decade, Blue Bird has sold nearly 30,000 school buses with ROUSH CleanTech fuel systems.

This is the second emission-reducing certification ROUSH CleanTech has achieved on its Ford 7.3L V8 engine. Earlier this year, California Air Resources Board certified ROUSH CleanTech’s propane engine in Blue Bird buses to the optional ultra-low nitrogen oxides of 0.02g for 2022 model year and beyond, making it 90% cleaner than today’s national emissions requirements.