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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: John Phraner, Trans Tech Bus

School BUSRide spoke with John Phraner, president of Trans Tech Bus, for this exclusive interview. Established in 2007, Trans Tech manufactures industry-leading Type-A school and commercial buses.  The company offers the industry’s only narrow-body dual wheel along with a full line of single and dual wheel models. The company is now bringing green solutions to […]

Stronger Together: How Partnerships are Making the Industry Better

Zonar and Transfinder Connect for Seamless and Safe Technology Integration The successful integration of Zonar’s technology with Transfinder’s solutions ensures districts and families nationwide can depend on safe, reliable, and efficient transportation for drivers and students.  Zonar and Transfinder inked a deal in January 2021, pledging to collaborate and equip school district bus fleets with […]

Safe and Effective Fleet Disinfecting

What you use in your schools might not be the best for your buses   Yes, we are all sick of the COVID Conversations, but this pandemic has show us that we were grossly unprepared and uneducated when it came to routine disinfecting of our bus fleets. So, to ensure we are better prepared for […]

Durand Area Schools Keeps Students on Track with Transfinder

Home to a large railroad depot and an influx of freight trains, blocked roads and bus delays are a common occurrence for Durand Area Schools in Durand, Michigan, often resulting in scheduling lags and concerned calls from parents.  “Buses are held up all the time because these trains are so long that when they come […]

Sexual Harassment and Assault on Student School Transportation Vehicles

Don’t Be a Bystander Since 1993, I have served as an expert witness involving litigation concerning sexual harassment and assault of school age children with disabilities transported on school district vehicles traveling to or from school, including school activities. These lawsuits have consisted of sexual harassment and assault by drivers and attendants as well as […]

INTERVIEW: New NAPT Board Members

Incoming National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) Board Members Alex Spann, CDPT; Kimberly Martin; and Melody Coniglio, CDPT, CSNT, met for this exclusive conversation in School BUSRide. They discussed the issues affecting our association, the driver shortage, 2021’s harsh winter leading into 2022, and the value that NAPT brings its members. Please provide an overview […]

GreenPower Brings the BEAST to School Transportation

The Battery Electric Automotive School Transportation (BEAST) is a 40-foot, 90-passenger Type D school bus, purpose-built for electric drive GreenPower Motor Company formed in 2010 and began its first bus deliveries to transit agencies by 2017. Although the company initially focused on full-size transit buses and its EV Star model (a purpose-built all-electric shuttle bus), […]

Rosco Vision Focuses on Student Safety with Innovative Technology

When considering new technologies, the main priority for school districts is pupil safety. Transportation providers want to embrace the latest technologies to ensure school buses remain the safest mode of transportation on the road. As one of the industry’s leading technology providers, Rosco has always been committed to developing innovative safety technologies. Founded in 1907, […]

Can We Talk? Can We Question?

The school bus community has faced many issues over the years: accidents and fatalities, new technologies, fueling alternatives, federal licensing changes, loading and unloading safety, increased numbers of homeless students, funding losses and more. But like many other elements of our society, the on-going and prolonged COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us and stretched us in […]

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Dr. Miguel Cardona, United States Secretary of Education

National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) Executive Director Mike Martin met with U.S. Secretary of Education Dr. Miguel Cardona for this exclusive conversation in School BUSRide. Cardona clearly understands the valuable contribution of yellow school bus transportation to the nation, saluted school bus drivers, and offered his thoughts on the issues facing our industry in […]