Access Holdings supports student transportation partnership


Access Holdings, a Baltimore-based mid-market investment firm specializing in building enduring businesses, announced today the firm is supporting a partnership between its new student transportation platform, American Student Transportations Partners (ASTP), and Pennsylvania-based Krise Transportation. Access Holdings will not only provide capital but dedicated resources and tools to support the growth of ASTP into a market-leading provider of mission critical student transportation services. ASTP, in partnership with Krise Transportation, will provide exceptional transportation services for students and school districts across Pennsylvania to ensure every student has safe, reliable access to education.

“We’ve enjoyed the over twelve-month journey with the ASTP team and Krise to create this mission-driven partnership. We appreciate and value their proven industry expertise, integrity, and deep commitment to innovation, safety, and exceptional service,” said Access Holdings Managing Director Matt McLain. “We’re excited to align with them on the new leg of their journey to build an enduring, market-leading student transportation provider. At Access, we are passionate about providing our partners with the tools necessary to facilitate growth and enhance their service offering.”

After years of studying the industry, Access Holdings launched ASTP in 2020 as a platform business to partner with best-in-class student transportation providers. Along the way, Access developed strong relationships with highly respected industry veterans to form the ASTP team. Leading ASTP will be CEO David White, CFO Jim O’Brien, and COO Pete Pearson. These individuals, Tim Krise, and Access, over months of discussion and strategic planning, have come to an aligned and shared vision. Critical to this vision is a shared mission centered on providing equitable access to educational opportunities for all students.

Through its partnership with ASTP, Access was introduced to Krise Transportation in early 2020. Going
forward, Access Holdings and ASTP will work closely with Krise Transportation to grow the business into a market-leading provider of student transportation services. This will include a people-first focus, aided by adopting technologies and systems for recruiting, training, and retaining employees; improving safety and efficiency; and building on Krise’s strong reputation for delivering best-in-class services for school districts.

Krise Transportation Founder Tim Krise commented, “I’ve known David White and the ASTP team for
years. When we were introduced to the Access team, I felt comfortable that these were the right partners to support me and the business I’ve built, knowing they shared the same vision that I do. I’ve found the Access approach to partnership to be thoughtful, refreshing, and genuine.”

With over 30 years of experience in the student transportation industry and strong relationships with
school districts across Pennsylvania, Tim Krise founded Krise Transportation in 2016 to aid students
through providing dependable, trustworthy, and efficient transportation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Krise Transportation brought peace of mind to students and their families by continuing its commitment to quality service and providing safe transportation to school districts across the commonwealth.

David White, CEO of American Student Transportation Partners, commented, “Access really did the work. They demonstrated a deep understanding of the student transportation space, and I loved their approach to working with Tim’s team and us to develop a clear, aligned plan that provides for a win-win outcome to all stakeholders. The Access team brings relevant experience and capabilities to enhance value within its portfolio companies well beyond just providing capital. With Access, we are able to bring differentiated capabilities to the market and further our mission of a people-first culture ensuring students have safe, reliable access to education.”

ASTP’s partnership with Krise Transportation represents a commitment to working with the best operators to increase innovation and service quality to ensure that every child can arrive at school safely.